TERMS AND CONDITIONS for the Affiliate Program

These terms are of use sinds Oktobre 2019

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Article 1 – Introduction

Below you will find EnChantalled’s affiliate terms and conditions for My Online Manga Workshops. We recommend you read these terms thoroughly before registering yourself for the affiliate program. If you register yourself for the affiliate program you agree with the described terms and conditions.

EnChantalled has multiple websites that are independent of each other. If you wish to become an affiliate of EnChantalled.com and Onlinemangaworkshops.com you will have to register for each of those websites separately.

By registering as an affiliate you enter into an affiliate agreement with EnChantalled. EnChantalled is located in Alkmaar, The Netherlands and is registered at the national Chamber of Commerce with number: 58265295

Article 2 – Registration and accepting affiliate agreement My Online Manga Workshops
  1. You can register yourself as an affiliate on one of EnChantalled websites or by contacting EnChantalled through on of its social media channels. The conformation of your registration takes place via email.
  2. EnChantalled advertises on a variety of advertisement networks and/or search engines for her websites enchantalled.com, onlinemangaworkshops.nl and onlinemangaworkshops.com. Affiliate partners are not allowed to participate in the affiliate program by placing ads on advertisement networks and/or search engines such as Bing, Google, Facebook, LinkedIN or Twitter, that link (via the affiliate program) to one of the aforementioned websites.
  3. EnChantalled is not obligated to provide a reason when refusing a partnership.
Article 3 – Intelectual property rights
  1. The partner has the right, during the time of the agreement and explicitly at the benefit of the partnership, to use the names EnChantalled and My Online Manga Workshops and the corresponding logos to clarify his participation in the affiliate program.
  2. The partner is not allowed to alter the used logos in any way.
  3. The partner is allowed to use content of EnChantalled and My Online Manga Workshop for the benefit of the partnership but is not allowed to alter this content.
  4. Nothing in the partnership allows the partner to transfer any form of property rights on EnChantalled’s behalf. The partner will respect any and all intellectual property- and brand rights whether they belong to EnChantalled or a third party.
Article 4 – Administrative method affiliate program
  1. If the partner displays product prices of onlinemangaworkshops.com on his site the partner will ensure that the correct prices are displayed. EnChantalled takes no responsibility for wrongly stated prices.
  2. Unless otherwise agreed EnChantalled pays a 30% commission over the revenue, excluding taxes and minus shipping costs, that is generated within half an hour after a customer visited the onlinemangaworkshops.nl website via a link on the partner’s website. This revenue does not include revenue that is generated from purchases by the partner, or anyone using the account of the partner. This revenue also excludes revenue that is the result of links to sites of EnChantalled that are hosted on one of the aforementioned advertisement networks in article 2.
  3. Visitors are traced through their session cookie. If a customer blocks the use of cookies EnChantalled owes no commission over the generated revenue.
  4. The commission is paid by EnChantalled per three month period. EnChantalled’s revenue report is leading when determining the commission amount.
  5. EnChantalled will pay the commission every quarter, provided that the partner has disclosed his Paypal payment email address to EnChantalled via the information on his “Affiliate Dashboard”.
  6. EnChantalled has the right to subtract owed payments from the partner to EnChantalled from payments EnChantalled owes the partner.
Article 5 – Termination affiliate agreement
  1. The partnership can be terminated without giving reasons by both the partner and EnChantalled with a one week cancellation period.
  2. The partnership is automatically terminated if the partner chooses to break the link(s) on his website to EnChantalled.
  3. The partnership is automatically terminated should the affiliate program be terminated by EnChantalled.
  4. The partner is only owed commission over revenue that is realized before the date of termination of the partnership.
  5. The partnership is not transferable to third parties. If the site of the partner is transferred to a third party, the partner is obligated to inform EnChantalled immediately of this transfer and this will terminate the partnership automatically.
  6. After the termination of the partnership, regardless of the reason of termination, EnChantalled and the partner will make no claim to any compensation as a result of the termination of the partnership.
Article 6 – Liability
  1. The partner is responsible for the functionality of his own site. The partner frees EnChantalled of any responsibility concerning this issue.
  2. If EnChantalled’s website does not function – for whatever reason – EnChantalled is not liable for any damages caused as a result of this.
Article 7 – Miscellaneous
  1. EnChantalled has the right to change the partnership terms and conditions and will notify all partners of these changes via email. The partner has the right to terminate the partnership when the partnership terms and conditions are change. If the partner does not terminate the partnership he is obligated to accept the new terms and conditions.
  2. The partner will never present himself as an agent of EnChantalled or My Online Manga Workshop to third parties. The partner will never appeal to have entered into an agency with EnChantalled.
  3. The partnership terms and conditions are subject to Dutch law. Disputes between the partner and EnChantalled will be presented to a qualified judge in Noord-Holland, the Netherlands.
Changes in the privacy policy

I retain the right to change my privacy policy at any time. On this page you will always find the most recent version. If the new privacy policy has consequences for how personal information you have already supplied is processed I will notify you of this through email.

Do you have a complaint? Send me an email, maybe we can work something out together.

If we can’t you can also file a complaint at the national supervisor: Dutch Data Protection Authority. You can do this by using the following link: https://autoriteitpersoonsgegevens.nl/nl/contact-met-de-autoriteit-persoonsgegevens/tip-ons


If you agree with these terms, we can be parners.

Togheter we can get al lot of people to enjoy drawing manga!