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Chantal Visser

Chantal Visser

Owner of Online Manga Workshops and EnChantalled

Do you have a question? Don’t hesitate to reach out to me via email. I will respond within 24 hours.

Your message is send. You will receive a response within 24 hours.

How often are new courses and workshops uploaded?

The plan is to upload a new workshop every month but for the time being the first full course is being perfected. Once that is finished I’ll be able to work on making workshops. You can expect the first workshop to come online in April of 2020.

A course takes more time to complete. I will upload one or two of those per year.

I can’t draw, can I still participate?

Because if you do, you will be able to put all your effort into mastering this skill.

If you believe you can learn to draw you will be able to put all your effort into mastering this skill and this will make you succeed. You will see yourself improve and this will strengthen your believe that you can become better at drawing!

You will be in a virtuous circle that will help you get better and better at drawing even though you couldn’t do it at all when you started.

So yes, participate and see your drawing skills improve.

Are the workshops only available online?


I really like this method of teaching. I have all the tools to very clearly show you how to draw something or how a specific technique works. If a part of the workshop goes too fast for you, you can pause the video or go back and see it again. You can even use the platform to ask me questions.

Should I improve a lesson or share any new insights you will have immediate access to these as well. I can only offer you all of this because the courses and workshops are online.

Do I have lifetime access to the courses and workshops I buy?


You will have lifetime access to every course or workshop you purchase at My Online Manga Workshops. Support from the teacher might be limited.

Are private lessons possible?

There will be courses and workshops that offer this option but participation will be bound to specific dates and times. You will keep the lifetime access to the specific course or workshop but there will only be a limited time when private teachings are available to you.

Is the website safe and will my payments be secure?


It is very important to me that your personal information is safe and secure. That’s why I’m hosting my website with a reliable hosting company located in Europe that employs many measures to host websites securely. All my websites also have an SSL connection so all your information is encrypted. The website is regularly checked for any strange activities and processes so they can be quickly identified and taken care of. Your payments are processed by the Dutch-based company Mollie which is bound by high standard security measures.

Can I become an affiliate?

Yes, you can! As long as you’re willing to positively promote My Online Manga Workshops I would be delighted to work together with you.

You can register as an affiliate through the Affiliate Dashboard page by using the link at the top of the website. Here you can also find more information about how much you can earn, the terms and conditions and the details of the whole process.